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Nutrition for Parents

Nutrition at Home

Be a role model. Take an active role in encouraging your kids to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Encourage your kids to get at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise each day (30 minutes for adults). Family meals are a great time for parents to connect and share the details of the day. Plus, kids who eat regularly with their families are less likely to snack on unhealthful foods. Try to eat meals together as a family at least 3 times per week.

School meals offer a convenient method of providing a nutritionally balanced lunch at the lowest possible price. school meals enhance children's learning abilities by contributing to their physical and mental well being. Studies have shown that children whose nutritional needs are met have fewer attendance and discipline problems and are more attentive in class.

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Choose MyPlate– Healthy eating tips and guidelines for all ages. Fun nutrition games for kids.  Pandemic food shopping guide.

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Dairy Council of California – Reliable nutrition information and on-line learning resources including a mobile dairy field trip.

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Learn About Ag – Ag-tivities – A variety of ag-tivities – Each day at 10 am, a fun and educational ag-tivities that can be enjoyed at home is shared! Ag-tivities will range from Beefing Up Math to Making Recycled Paper and everything in-between.

Learn About Ag – Nutrition resources  – 1-hour activities, lesson plans, the student newspaper What’s Growin’ On?, Food Safety from Farm to Fork Workbook, and a variety of other nutrition-focused materials.